Sitemap - 2020 - Notorious R.O.B.

The Seven Most Interesting People in Real Estate in 2020: The Unprecedented Edition

Seven Predictions for 2021: The Eurovision Song Contest Edition

Disparate Impact and the NAR Code of Ethics

Tweetstorming the Industry Relations Podcast with Jack Ryan of REX

Grading Time! The 2020 Predictions

A Facebook Live on OKRs with Albert Hahn, former Head, Google for Startups Korea

Harshing the Mellow: NAR, DOJ, Lawsuits

CoStar Acquires Homesnap: Welcome to the Black Parade!

REX and the DOJ: Implications for the Future

Quick Reaction to the NAR-DOJ Settlement on MLS

RE/MAX Q3,2020: It's Not Working

Q3/2020, Redfin, Realogy, eXp: Tide is High

Zillow Q3/2020: Apex Predator

Simple Solution to the Redfin Fair Housing Lawsuit

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day for REALTORS in the New York Senate

In Which I Propose an Alternative to NAR's New Speech Code

The NAR Commission Lawsuit: Creeping Doom, One Step Closer

Your Partners Reflect On You: Observation on Customer Service and Home Warranty Companies

Zillow and MLS Data: Expanding On My Podcast Musings

Bravado: Just Like Sugar -- Response to Eric Blackwell

Revisiting My Theory of Real Estate Brokerage

My Take On the Zillow Thing...

Don't Force Zillow Into a Corner...

In Which I Solve the Days On Market "Mess"

Real Estate Agents and Productivity: A Quick Thought Experiment

Thinking Through the IPOB-Opendoor Investor Call

Opendoor and Social Capital Merger?

The Relationship Narrative and Its Flaws

Minimum Standards for the MLS: Analysis & Proposal

PDF Download FoB

Brief Suggestion on "Expanding the American Dream"

Da Mystery of REMAXboxing

[PROMOTION] The 7DS Capital Q2/2020 Report Is Published + Excerpt

Uber Loses in Court: California AB5 and Relevance to Real Estate

RE/MAX Q2,2020: What Just Happened?

Zillow Q2/2020: Red Pill Real Estate

Q2/2020: EXPI Just Slays It... But...

Redfin vs. Realogy: The Key Trend Beneath Different Results Q2/2020

Will COVID Finally End Local School Districts?

Is a Compass-Keller Williams Merger In the Works?

The Big Yawn: Dips Its Toes In to iBuyer World

A Brief History Lesson on REALTORS and Race

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: The Story of Innovation in Real Estate

A Few Thoughts About Rentals

iBuyers and Brokers: A Rebuttal to Mike DelPrete

The Hard Stuff: Systemic Racism and Real Estate

Is the Real Estate Industry Serious About Race?

Thinking Through Platforms in Real Estate, Part 2: Contenders

Rethinking How MLS Rules Get Made, In Light of NOW Model

Industry Relations Ep. 47: 3 Predictions for the Future of Real Estate, with Errol Samuelson of Zillow

Thinking Through Platforms in Real Estate, Part 1: Definitions

Requiem for a Dream: Redfin

Must the Agent Be Local?

[VIP] RE/MAX Q1, 2020: Nothing Has Really Changed

Industry Relations Ep. 46: What's Next for Real Estate

[VIP] Redfin, Q1/2020: Scared Money and The Big Squeeze

[VIP] Zillow, Q1/2020: Not Going Back

[VIP] Realogy, Q1/2020: Excitement! And COVID!

Opendoor Converges to Brokerages

An Idea for iBuyers (or Brokers and Agents) From Personal Experience

Trending v1

A Question for REALTOR Friends

The W2 Model Post COVID: A Reader Request

iBuyer Will Return With a Roar: Why Opendoor Might Have Laid Off People

Quick Reaction to Opendoor Layoffs

Industry Relations Ep. 45: Best-Case Predictions for Real Estate Post-COVID

Silver Lining from Pandemic, #3: The Rise of the Exurbs

Industry Relations Ep. 44: What Forbearance Means for Mortgage Markets - with Rob Chrisman

Real Estate in the Time of Cholera: The Aftermath, Part 3 - The Taxman Cometh

Redfin, Durable and the Future of Brokerage

Mark McLean, Key Living - 4/1/2020

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Mark McLean, Key Living

Great Advice, But Also Maybe Bad Advice - Politics of Free Money

Real Estate Tech Vendor Apocalypse?

Silver Lining from Pandemic, #2: No Housing Armageddon, Probably...

Silver Lining from Pandemic #1: Housing Market Will Explode

It's Time to Think About Triage...

A Quick Note on iBuyers Pausing

Jeff Fangman, Home Security Expert, 3/18/20

The Notorious Interview: Jeff Fangman, Home Security Expert & REALTOR

Real Estate in the Time of Cholera: The Aftermath, Part 2 - MLS & Associations

Real Estate in the Time of Cholera: The Aftermath, Part 1 - Brokerages

COVID 19 and Real Estate

[VIP] Realogy, Q4 and Full Year 2019: Darkest Before the Dawn?

The Shape of Housing Politics to Come

Why Antifragile is the Only Way Forward: Zillow Turns the Page

Quick Take - March 1, 2020

[VIP] RE/MAX Q4, 2019: Back to Basics

Quick Take - February 23, 2020

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: John Campbell, Stephens

John Campbell, Stephens - 2/21/20

[VIP] Zillow, Q4/2019: Turn the Page

What Does Resilience in Real Estate Look Like?

[VIP] Redfin, Q4/2019: Strong Results All Around, and Signs of Surprising Convergence

Scott Martineau, Brad Nix, Offerbarn - 2/13/20

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Scott Martineau, Brad Nix, OfferBarn

African-American Homeownership Lowest Since 1968: What If It's Not All Race?

Quick Take - February 9, 2020

[VIP] Let's Chat About hiQ Labs v. LinkedIn

[VIP] Agents Know iBuyer is For Real

[VIP] Q4/2019 iBuyer Comparison: Phoenix Market - Zillow, Opendoor, Offerpad

Quick Take - February 2, 2020

Will A Few Teams Dominate All Markets?

Quick Take - January 26, 2020

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Jennifer Branchini, Sanjay Wagle, California Assoc. of REALTORS - 1/21/20

The Notorious Interview: Jennifer Branchini & Sanjay Wagle, California Assoc. of REALTORS

Nick Taylor, Modus 1/17/20

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Nick Taylor, Modus

Pretty Lies: The Real Estate Agent Edition

[VIP] What Shutting Down Climb Says About Realogy, Part 2: My Take on Things

Quick Take - January 12,2020

[VIP] What Shutting Down Climb Says About Realogy, Part 1: The Story and Questions

NAR's New Fair Housing Action Plan: Add One Key Missing Element

Tylenol vs. Chemotherapy: Brokerage Edition

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