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Notorious R.O.B. is a blog I’ve been writing since 2009. It has become one of the better known, much beloved and oft hated blogs covering the residential real estate industry in North America.

For me, the high point came when the U.S. Department of Justice referred to NROB as “an industry media publication” in a brief. I mean, if the United States calls me media, who am I to disagree?

I write on topics in real estate, housing, economics, blockchain, entrepreneurship, marketing, corporate strategy, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I’ve written entire posts on my favorite musician, Alison Krauss and Union Station. But mostly, I write for myself: the best way to know what I think about a topic is to read what I’ve written about it.

I moved to Substack because the time and energy and expense of maintaining a Wordpress blog was starting to get annoying. I just want to write the occasional thought and discuss and debate important topics in real estate and housing, not have to update databases and mess with a hundred plugins.

Thanks for following me here, if you’re from the blog. Thanks for joining me if you’re new.

It goes without saying that Notorious ROB is my personal blog/newsletter. Everything in here is my opinion and my opinion only. None of my businesses, companies, colleagues, clients, customers, friends necessarily agrees with those opinions. In fact, I think it’s safe to say many often disagree with them. Even my wife thinks I’m nuts sometimes.

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Well… that’s a great question. I think you should at least get the free subscription so you can get the occasional posts that I think is worthy of wider consideration by the real estate industry and people who care about the intricate details of it.

But most of my writings are for paid subscribers, not because of the money… but because it really helps to cut down on the random internet commentariat who brings a lot more noise than signal to any conversation.

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The industry blog Notorious ROB, now on Substack. We cover important issues in the residential real estate industry in North America.


The author of Notorious ROB blog, now on Substack. Longtime consultant in real estate, today an entrepreneur focused on bringing transparent open auctions to real estate with Decentre Property Exchange.
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