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The Seven Most Interesting People in Real Estate, 2018 Edition

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December Red Dot: Darkness Comes - Excerpts and Special Offer

Zillow, Redfin and the Tinderization of Real Estate

The Case for iBuyer Becoming the Default

Trying to Make Sense of RE/MAX

Things Become Clearer: NAR vs. Zillow; C2EX vs. Best of Zillow

Will Compass Invest in the MLS?

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Data Manipulation in the MLS is a Must Fix Issue

An Open Invitation to the NYC Buyer Graph: A Response to Rob Hahn

Seven NYC Brokerages and RealScout Do A Dangerous Thing

When the Clouds Part

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When the Market Turns: Redfin

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Who Do You Love? Or, the Limits of Technology

Anybody Else Nervous About This?

Stages of Decline: The Keller Williams Edition

It's Time to Let the Agent Decide on IDX Participation

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Where's the Peak?

Top 20 Markets Housing Affordability

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NAR and the MLS: the Elephant in the Room

NAR: Crisis and Opportunity

Dynamex and Real Estate: Apocalypse Starts with ABC

Redfin, Ethics and Article 16

What Exactly Does A Market Shift Look Like Today?

Announcing <i>The Red Dot</i> Premium Reports

No Hat, Lots of Cattle: In Which Zillow Transforms

Forest for the Trees: the NAR #Logogate Edition

Can We Talk About HomeServices for a Minute?

Musings on the Parker Principles, Part 1: Principle 7 - Open Data

Rob Hahn Joins Consumer Trust Housing Unit at Language Health University

7 Questions on NAR's S.M.A.R.T. Initiatives

Method to the Madness: Thoughts on the Redfin 2017 Earnings Call

Realogy Enters the Schneider Era: Thoughts from the 2017 Earnings Call

[FREB] Cut the Crap With Two Numbers

Brief Reflection on Brand: CB and C21 with Promising Starts

The Keller Williams Vision Speech: Followup and Further Thoughts

In Which Keller Williams Completely Confuses Me

On Leadership in the Real Estate Industry: ASOIAF Edition

[FREB] On Culture: Show Me the Money!!!!

A Response to Michael Wurzer's Response

Keep Calm, And Carry On?

One Future of the MLS: Expanding On My Inman Presentation

Book Review: Disruptors, Discounters, and Doubters

Why Did the MLS Lose Its Technology Leadership?

[FREB] Thoughts On Commission Splits

The Future of Brokerage Black Paper, Now Available

Beyond Semantics: A Response to Clint Skutchan

Grading Time! The 2017 Predictions

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