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Rob, thank you for your continued leadership of our industry. It get's messier by the day.

As a brokerage leader, sitting President for my local MLS and President-Elect of my local association, I find the news around NAR and the exposed corruption of SDAR disheartening. Here are my thoughts on the current situation and how we can rise above it.

In the real estate industry, there have been great leaders before me, and there will be those after me who pour their hearts and souls into the lives of those around them—clients, customers, and colleagues alike.

Realtors are individuals who establish businesses that uplift our local communities and economy. I've witnessed Realtors volunteer their time to strengthen communities by helping out at local food banks, supporting children with cancer, traveling to Ukraine during times of deep need, cleaning up camps for children facing terminal illnesses, constructing homes for the less fortunate, financially assisting the homeless, and dedicating their lives to advocating for affordable and attainable housing. Realtors use their voices to influence policy at the local, state, and national levels. The dedication I witness in my colleagues on a daily basis is endless. Our work is truly noble.

I entered the real estate industry under the impression that it might be an "easy" way to provide for my first child as a single mom at the time. I couldn't have been more wrong about the "easy" part. What we do is undoubtedly challenging. Over the 19 years of my career in this field, it has led me down a path I never could have envisioned.

This industry is fascinating. It's a space where numerous competitors come together to form a community through their brokerages and Realtor associations at the local, state and national level. I've discovered that this is not just a means of supporting my growing family; it's a fulfilling role that reveals the goodness within people at all levels. I have the privilege of collaborating with professionals who strive for personal and professional growth through their work. I observe relationships forming among individuals who might not have connected otherwise. I witness the unification of people to bring two parties to an agreement on homes. Tears have been shed at closing tables as one family passes on the memories they've built over decades to a new family, hoping they'll create and share just as many cherished moments. This, in essence, is what being a Realtor truly means. That's who we “R”.

The recent news within our industry is deeply disappointing. As a woman, a mother to both sons and daughters, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a leader within my brokerage and our Realtor family, I am disheartened by the prevalence of sexual harassment and corruption at the highest levels of our associations. It's disheartening to witness leaders allowing their personal agendas to tarnish the reputation of Realtors—a name I proudly carry for all the reasons I've mentioned.

However, I choose to rise above this stain on our industry and stand resolute in supporting all that is good. I applaud those who raise their voices. A close friend of mine recently said, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown." This rings especially true now.

To my fellow Realtors, let us persist in pursuing excellence, standing by one another, and striving to create a positive image for our industry. We possess the ability to reshape perceptions and demonstrate the genuine value of our work. Let's demonstrate that we are leaders who truly care and are dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

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"If it bleeds, it leads." The NAR story is a bit juicier than the SDAR story. I also think there is a huge hatred for NAR. We are forced to pay dues to a group that ultimately does nothing for us. As an industry, we need to be careful about what dirty laundry we're spewing to the public (our customers). First, we had the LI Newsday story, and now the NY Times story...I think the RE industry needs some PR work for sure. PS Love Thievery Corporation

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I have been waiting for someone, ANYONE to post about this. I do not understand why it's gone unnoticed by everyone. Literally every one of my agent friends. It disgusts me that not only has this happened but it happened and at the same time this NAR thing got investigated. And, it's kind of a huge deal. The only reason I know anything about it is because I listen to the pod weekly, so thanks for keeping (some) of us informed...but this makes me feel like we don't need NAR, we don't need local boards, and we don't need a code of ethics at all. In fact, we should all just post our listings to Zillow directly and be done with the whole damn thing. Why are we paying dues, again?

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