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The Seven Most Interesting People in Real Estate, 2019 Edition

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Grading Time! The 2018 and 2019 Predictions

Quick Take - December 15, 2019

Seven Predictions for 2020: The Rat Pack Edition

Quick Take - December 6, 2019

Musings on Defining Fundamental Problems

Jack Ryan, REX - 12/2/19

Why Wall Street Consistently Gets iBuyer Wrong

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Jack Ryan, REX

Quick Take - November 22, 2019

Time for a Housecleaning: Racism in Long Island Real Estate

Skylar Olsen, Catherine Coursolle, Zillow - 11/18/19

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Skylar Olsen, Kathryn Coursolle, Zillow Research

Jarred Kessler, EasyKnock - 11/13/19

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Jarred Kessler, EasyKnock

Pass Clear Cooperation Policy, But Address the Gaping Loophole

[VIP] Realogy, Q3/2019: The Profitability Dilemma

[VIP] Zillow, Q3/2019: Not a Test, But a Test Kitchen

[VIP] Redfin, Q3/2019: Nice Rebound, And Yet...

Quick Take - November 9th, 2019

Compass and Coming Soon: Not About the Client

[VIP] RE/MAX Q3, 2019: Don't Look Back

Zillow Offers vs. Traditional Selling: Data from Zillow

The Innate Value of the MLS? Thinking Through a Podcast from Austin Board of REALTORS

Bill Fowler, Compass - 11/1/19

The Notorious Interview: Bill Fowler, Compass

[VIP] Zillow Unlock Event: Stages of Grief

[VIP] Zillow and Opendoor Q3 iBuyer Data: Denver

Pro Tip: Words Matter, But Actions Matter More

Mike Maher, Houwzer - 10/24/19

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Mike Maher, Houwzer

MLS Path Forward: Further Thoughts

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Alex Doubet, Door

Alex Doubet, Door - 10/18/19

[VIP] Q3 iBuyer Comparison: Phoenix Market - Zillow, Opendoor, Offerpad

A Few Initial Thoughts on the Future of Buyer Agents

Mark Schacknies, Remine - 10/11/19

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Mark Schacknies, Remine

[VIP] Initial Thoughts on Realogy's RealSure

The Issue with Brokerage We Don't Discuss: Oligopoly or Democracy?

The Truth About Millennials and Housing with Nicole Lopez

John Campbell, Stephens - 10/3/19

[VIP] The Notorious Interview: John Campbell, Stephens

The MLS: A Way Forward on Exclusive Inventory Strategies

[VIP] Video: Sharran Srivatsaa and I Discuss iBuyers

[VIP] On the DOJ Statement of Interest

More On NAR’s MLS Policy Statement 8.0: A Step Forward On Clarity

On NAR's MLS Policy Statement 8.0: A Step Forward... Into Confusion

The Notorious Interview: Chris Drayer, Revaluate

Future of Lead Generation: You Say vs. They Say

Chris Drayer, Revaluate - 9/20/19

Followup to the KW Concierge Post: Special Audio Treats Edition

Fred Bin, Zoom Casa - 9/13/19

Rick Rudman, Curbio - 9/13/19

On California's New Gig Economy Law: Don't Relax Just Yet

[VIP] On the Realogy-Compass Kerfuffle

Keller Williams Concierge: New Wine in Old Skin

[VIP] Zillow's Possible Long Game: Mortgages and iBuyer

Redfin's Fantastic Transparency Move on Commission Display

[VIP] What NAR Can Do, But Likely Won't

Notorious ROB's Shiva Award 2019 Edition

Keller Williams and Offerpad Partnership: A Step Too Far

[VIP] Realogy, Q2/2019: Justify My Love

[VIP] Zillow Q2/2019 Earnings: Going All In

Zillow Raises the Bar in Real Estate, Whether You Like it or Not

ShelterZoom, Blockchain, and Real Estate

[VIP] RE/MAX, Q2/2019: Something's Gotta Give

There Will Be Blood: NAR Lawsuit and Discovery

[VIP] Redfin Q2/2019 Earnings Results: Delayed Blast Fireball

[VIP] iBuyer Comparison: Zillow, Opendoor, Offerpad - PHX Q2/2019

Initial Reaction: Realogy + Amazon

Millennials and Rent Control

[VIP] Did Redfin Just Surrender?

[VIP] A Few Thoughts on Hyland v. HomeServices of America and Its Applicability to the Moehrl v. NAR Lawsuit

[VIP] The MLS and Coming Soon: A Way Forward

Peace Be Upon You: A Path Forward for RealScout

Does Thanos, I mean, RealScout Want a War?

[VIP] Ben Thompson of Stratechery Shows How Dropbox Points the Way Forward (for the MLS)

Zillow and Antitrust? Reflections on Stratechery's Tech and Antitrust

Let's Stir the Pot: Glenn Kelman and the MLS Issue

The Problem with "Good Agents Will Adapt"

[VIP] Redfin Direct vs. Zillow Offers At Full Scale: A Thought Experiment

iBuyer and the Issue of Concessions

[VIP] One Month of Zillow Offers in Phoenix: An Analysis

[VIP] Hot Take on NAR's Motion to Dismiss

The Department of Justice Demands CoreLogic Turn Over Documents and Answer Questions

iBuyer and Conflicts of Interest

[VIP] REMAX Q1,2019 Earnings: Refusing Greatness

OpenBoxMLS: An Open Source Acorn

Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean They're Not After You

[VIP] Zillow Q1, 2019 Earnings: Confidence and Clarity

[VIP] Redfin Q1, 2019 Earnings: Mystery Inside an Enigma Within a Puzzle

Shiva Wept: NAR Reach 2019 and Industry Mindset

[VIP] Don't Tell Yourself Pretty Lies, Part 2: Opendoor Sales Analysis

[VIP] Realogy Q1/2019: Things Done Changed

[VIP] Don't Tell Yourself Pretty Lies About iBuyers, Part 1: Economics of iBuyer

Are Brokers Screwed?

Competition in Real Estate is Changing

Is It Time to Stop Solving Yesterday's Problems?

The Most Important Article for REALTOR Leaders to Read: The End of Aspiration

Some Interesting Numbers from Swanepoel's Mega 1000

Mega1000 Top 20

The Curse of Experience, the Real Estate Edition

60% of Home Sales by 2024 Will be iBuyer: For My Friend James Dwiggins

Important Lesson for Brokerages from Opendoor's Eric Wu

Do Not Minimize Ragnarok: Very Serious Legal Threat, Part 2

Future of MLS Technology: Open Source Software

Gotterdammerung: A Very Serious Legal Threat

Role of the MLS: Defender of the REALTOR?

Homeowners Net More Selling to Zillow Than With a REALTOR

Selling With a REALTOR

Zillow Homes Q4 Unit Economics.csv

What Everybody is Missing On Vaynerchukgate

OK, I’ll take the bait: Upstream and CoreLogic are not the MLS

OK, I'll Ask: How Is CoreLogic Threading the Upstream Needle?

Negative Space: Reffkin and Schneider on the Future of Brokerages

A Mission for YPN, If You Choose to Accept It...

The Machine and the Real Estate Agent

HomeDate: In Which I Offer a Free Idea for Tech Entrepreneurs

Seven Predictions for 2019: K-Pop Edition